Penni Goode Evans

Artist Statement
If you want my bio, I think it only appropriate I give you the real story, so here goes: My name is Penni Goode Evans and I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I had a pretty dysfunctional childhood, as some kids do, and was basically raised by wolves. I love one of those wolves now very much, but the other wolf I haven't seen in decades.
As a child I didn't really understand that my upbringing was so bizarre until I had my own children and realized how strange my childhood had been.
   My husband and I moved to Mondovi, Wisconsin in 2002 and one night when we were alone on a road in the middle of nowhere, we saw some lights zooming over a cornfield. We turned down the road and after all kinds of strange happenings we had an encounter with a being of light. And then, let's just say, things got weird.
Very weird.
I wrote a book about it and pissed off the whole town. My mea culpa to the town was to pull the book and now it no longer exists. But it happened.
Oh yeah, and why I'm here! I paint. I taught myself to paint when we lived in Wisconsin and I enjoy it quite a bit. I like to paint Saints. I don't know why as I'm not Catholic but I like the stories behind them and I like the idea of being without sin. I'm full of sin but I try to be a good person.
Hmmmm... what else? I have two great kids and two great dogs and a fantastic husband.
My grandmother died not long ago. Before she died, I begged her to please come back and tell me what death was all about and she promised that, “if Jesus would let her,” that she would. Not long after her passing, my bed began to shake. God, I hope that's her. Otherwise I'm in big trouble.
Well, I guess that's the story of Penni Goode. Sort of like, “The Story of George,” (If you're a Seinfeld fan) ---- I've had an interesting life. I guess the encounter with the being of light was the most interesting. It's kind of funny because, once something like that has happened to you, you can never really get back to who you were before. But that's okay. I'm just waiting to see what's going to happen next.

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